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“Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey” and other books written by Dr. Dr.hc Adam Kehrle seem to be not very popular among Irish beekeepers if not to say they seem to be completely unknown. We strongly recommend that you get these books from a public library or order and buy them from a nearby  bookshop. An alternative way to get a copy of “Beekeeping in Buckfast Abbey” is to contact the Librarian of your nearest Beekeepers’ Association.

Experienced beekeeper or newcomer: reading reading reading reading reading almost learning by heart:



ISBN  0-907908-37-3

is a must  !

“According to tradition hives should face south-east or south, but our experience has shown that the direction a hive faces makes not the slightest difference to the amount  of honey a colony will gather. There are in fact advantages in facing them in a northerly direction as such colonies will stay much more quiet in the autumn and winter...”                                                                 (Page 22, fourth edition, 1987)

“While we fully appreciate the outstanding qualities of the western European dark bees - of which we kept as many as 100 colonies at one time - we would never again consider giving them an extensive trial. Their undesirable traits far outweigh their good points...”                                                        (Page 16, fourth edition, 1987)

“Indeed, it is only in cross-bred stock that the beekeeper can hope to secure the full benefit of a highly developed pure strain...”                 (Page 15, fourth edition, 1987)


Honey Farming


ISBN  0-907908-45-4

“It is a fact that virtually all those who become interested in beekeeping in this country are initiated into the mysteries of the craft of beekeeping via the teachings of amateurs, who are, in fact, nothing more than enthusiasts who keep bees purely as a hobby...”                                                               (Page 275, fourth edition, 1985)

“It is a very good rule, when you are trying to pick up knowledge of beekeeping, or any other matter, to be careful whose ideas you accept. If you have no ideas of your own, you are ...”                                                    (Page 282, fourth edition, 1985)

“You will find that the beekeepers of this country are divided into camps - factions. It is something like religious fanaticism. There are the orthodox and the rest. That is to say, each party considers itself right and all the rest wrong, for all religions are orthodox from the view-point of their votaries. Each ‘sect’ has its own hierarchy, and clings to the tenets of its particular creed without much regard to reason, but with great persistence and faithfulness...”                        (Page 282, fourth edition, 1985)

And now, after reading reading reading, you should be able to understand why certain groups of Irish beekeepers do not like certain beekeeping books and would never recommend to start reading, reading and reading books written by Br. Adam and R.O.B. Manley !

[Br. Adam]

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